ROUND  TRIP                                                                           €. 7,00

ONE  WAY                                                                                €. 4,00

ROUND TRIP REDUCED ( CHILDREN 6-10 YEARS)          €. 4,00 

ONE  WAY REDUCED ( CHILDREN 6-10 YEARS )           €. 2,00    

ROUND TRIP GROUP  *                                                        €. 5,50  


* The group discount will be applied to groups that have booked in advance, of at least 20 people with a guide or group leader who pays for all, this discount does not apply on Sundays and public holidays.



We remind our guests that in case of heavy rain, storm and weather conditions, the time of service may be some variations or cancellations.

In case of influx exceeds the capacity of the cable car and at the discretion of the head of service may be made in more races.